This is my watercolor rendering of a young Frosty who was perched early one morning in my dad's woodshed behind the house. She is one of two sister cats I took from my Aunt Joyce, I actually drove to Kilgore, Texas just to see and get her.

As you can see, she was half Siamese with unusual tabby markings. I also took her scrawny black sister who I named Mocha, and who turned out to be my best cat ever.

Gallery of Artwork: A Lifetime of Cats

I have been a cat lover my entire life and cats tend to be the subject I enjoy drawing most so it just made sense to share my photographs, artwork and stories. Just click on the buttons below to read stories about my cats.

"Allie on the Pouf"

This is my most recent artwork, it's a rendering of my cat Allie lounging on the colorful pouf I purchased at Pier 1 last year. The drawing is done in color pencil on colored paper.