My written efforts include a series of comments i call "Simple Observations", sharing original thoughts on life's everyday challenges as well as short stories, random thoughts and work in progress. .

This website is my platform to make public my writings, artwork and my thoughts on life. You may agree or disagree with my observations as my intent is to share and inspire, and encourage everyone to believe in their dreams.     

All writing, stories and artwork are the intellectual property of me as the artist/author and cannot be reproduced or printed without the my permission.

What’s the most ironically worst thing that can happen to a person who believes they control their own destiny? Give them a slowly progressing brain disease they have little to no control over.

That person was me thirteen years ago.  I found myself diagnosed with early symptom Parkinson’s disease at the age of 45. While this revelation forced me to accept that I cannot stop or slow the progression of my disease, I refuse to accept that I cannot control my own destiny.  My disease is just part of my life, it does not define me.

So now I find I am just beginning the next step in my life… to write.


My collection of personal artwork from over the years, works in watercolor, color pencil and encaustic painting.

Simple Observations: A Bitter Taste of Cats and Men 


My thoughts on life in general, I want to share my experiences, my feelings and my reality living with Parkinsons disease.