Lunch Interrupted

​​Sitting focused on the television but not really watching what was on, I had just about eaten about half the Thai in my bowl when I heard a familiar “thump” from the back of the house. The sound barely registered until I caught a glimpse of ginger colored movement to my left but knew what it was. She had come in from the studio window in full stealth mode, no utterance or greeting shared, just a fur flash of color as she came tip toeing in on silent pads across the carpeted floor.

Not startled as this was a common for her to come and go at will, I typically would pay little notice. However this time would not be a usual occurrence as something about her posture seemed different. Curious and distracted from my Thai, I watched her slender frame  carried on long lanky legs stride with purpose to the center of the room where she deposited her outside treasure brought in. This wasn’t unusual. She dropped the helpless creature as yet unharmed and I expected with her typical intent to toy it to death.

As I mindlessly put the next spoon of Penang curry chicken into my mouth I was thinking I would save the poor play-fodder from his torturous captor after I had finished my dinner. It was at this moment I sat and would witness the unimaginable, my simple minded yet proficient hunter Isabell, snatching up the undefended lizard in her mouth by the tail. I watched in horror as she munched down the lizard, tail first, at the exact time I had swallowed and could feel the now chewed chicken slide down my throat.

She next chomped the helpless reptile cleanly in the middle. I quietly put the spoon away from my mouth and the bowl with my dinner down. There would be no saving this lizard or my appetite.

I could not block the thought that I knew was coming next. I was not mentally sharp enough to look away so as to not see her last final swallow. It was of flailing green front legs and then the head go down, a poor creature just dropped whole onto the floor not two minutes prior. Isa had eaten whole in just three massive bites and yes… there it was… the thought I dreaded and just couldn’t block.  I could not help but wonder if this creature eaten as quickly as my cat had just done would be aware of being eaten. Would it have had any consciousness of being swallowed by another and possibly not been dead until sometime after the fact?

Isabell just looked at me in her simple minded curious way, unaware of any wrong doing and with a sweet face that seemed to question my concern.

I couldn’t look at the bowl of milky half eaten curry; I just left it on the coffee table and walked away. . 

Sweet Isabell