Simple Observations, In Theory

To conscientiously consider just a simple observation, actually serves to accomplish two purposes.  First, a simple observation can be a nice distraction from the everyday.  (And, it’s a lot less expensive than therapy, drinking, or shoe shopping.)  A simple observation can be anything from noticing the spring wildflowers in bloom on the side of the road, to the morning light streaming in through your kitchen window, how soft your cat feels when you pet her, or hearing the joy in a child’s laugh.  Just allowing one random thought on a simple observation to come in to your brain, recognizing this one thought you might have otherwise dismissed, is like hitting the reset button on your computer or taking a shower. I always immediately feel better for some reason, it clears my brain.  I swear it works, try it. 

​Secondly, a simple observation is a lot less insane than trying to think through or solve a big issue.  And, it’s good practice which enables you to address the big issue later.  Let me explain.  Most people are so busy, working, running errands, paying bills, tending to kids or home.  Little time is ever left to consider your big issues, maybe you’re having a problem in a relationship, you’re unhappy at work, you’re worried over money, or God forbid you have a teenager you no longer understand.  I’ve been there and know how all that feels. And after a busy day, who wants to sit down and think through any of that?  But think through that big issue is mistakenly what we feel we should do, and because we think we can’t handle it, we don’t. 

​In school you learn to read and write through drills and practice.  Does it not stand to reason, the more you allow yourself to think, make mental observations and considerations, the easier it becomes?  I’m not saying your conscientious realization you can see a dog in a cloud formation will turn you in to a mental Einstein.  But the more you think, and think about thinking, the better you get.  It’s just usually too overwhelming or scary to think about your big concerns, if you aren’t comfortable and confident in your basic ability to process your thoughts.

​I’ve been both personally blessed and tormented with my ability to think.  I’m the sort of person (OCD), who thinks too much and almost can’t turn my thinking off.  I have thought on many occasions, I was pretty much just crazy.  Through years of feeling “out there”, I discovered my ability to make and appreciate just a simple observation helps keeps me grounded.  Every day, I realize how special our ability to process and share thoughts with others really is.  It makes us uniquely human, and we owe it to ourselves to not take for granted this ability, this talent, our individual gift of thought.