Simple Observations

​​I find that I am often distracted by life’s little quirks, twists and turns. It’s odd when a new perspective on something I may have never considered before just hits me. I think these odd realizations are somewhat a gift from the universe so I decided to document these original thoughts here as my “Simple Observations”. These are my thoughts on the world as I see it from a five foot point of view.. 

Random Thoughts and Poems

​​A poet I am not, but occasionally a feeling or thought just comes to me more as a poem. These are my favorites. 

Short Stories

​​As a child, I would lay in bed and create stories that allowed me to imagine my world as adventurous and exciting. As an adult, and according to my Neurologist, I have odd and vivid dreams possibly as a result of the Parkinsons. My dreams are mostly Just weird snippits really but a few have inspired me to write some creative short stories I hope you will enjoy.

Work in Progress

​​Synopsis of novels in progress.